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SecureDAM provides companies and organizations with a centralized web-based user group permissions-based digital asset management repository.

Features include batch uploading, metadata keyword and descriptive tagging, categorizing, sharing, locating, finding, searching, viewing, publishing, collecting, versioning, approving, grouping, batch downloading, maintaining, securing, and marketing.

SecureDAM supports hundreds of file types, including Office® documents, all standard image file formats, digital photography, RAW images, videos, audio files, Photoshop® files, page layout documents, PDFs, postscript images, and much more.

Batch Uploading and Image Processing

SecureDAM has built-in batch uploading and batch processing functionality. SecureDAM automatically creates thumbnails and preview images from your original source uploads, in the quality and dimensions of your choice. SecureDAM can also, optionally, apply watermarks to your images.

The Collection Bin

The Collection Bin is a SecureDAM feature that lets users collect or group images and files into one or more predefined private 'bins' for use in projects, sharing with friends or colleagues, personal viewing and downloading, etc.
  • Create multiple unlimited bins
  • Name and/or rename bins
  • Modify bin contents
  • Email/share bins with one or multiple email accounts, along with comments
  • Set auto expiration times on mailed bins
  • Delete existing bins
  • Switch between bins with one click
  • Download all assets within a bin
  • Collaboratively share bins with other system users

Users and User Groups

SecureDAM has three options for security, all of which can be mixed together to create the perfect environment to fit your needs: Public access, user self registration, and administrative user account creation. Should you decide to use user authentication for access, each user would receive their own separate username and password, and receive access permissions based on their group. You can have unlimited groups, each with their own set of permissions. You can also customize the user account database to add or remove fields as necessary.

Customizable Look and Feel

SecureDAM uses HTML templates for layout and design. Templates may be edited using any standard web page editor, a text editor, or a web browser. All graphics and icons are also customizable and replaceable.